Where the event takes place and how to get there

Where the event takes place and how to get there

The wedding will take place at the medieval church of Araslöv, Sweden. Araslöv as well as Färlöv (where the party will take place) are approx. 10-15 minutes by car from Kristianstad, the biggest city in the area. Our recommendation is to choose a hotel in Kristianstad as it will make travel to and from the event most easy. We will post some hotel recommendations here soon.

How to get to Kristianstad?

If you come by plane, Copenhagen is the closest airport. From Hannover as well as Hamburg or Düsseldorf for instance, SAS operates direct flights. Travel time is approx. 45 minutes. From other German cities you might also be able to find flights on Lufthansa, Air Berlin, German Wings or Easy Jet. If you intend to fly on Lufthansa you should double-check with Carsten of course if there are any special deals available.

From Copenhagen Airport it is only 1,5 hours by train or car to Kristianstad. The airport has its own train station, so transfer is easy. Car rental is possible as well, but train travel in Sweden is cheap and relaxed. No comparison to Deutsche Bahn ;)

If you intend to come by car from Germany, it is best to take the route via Puttgarden in Schleswig-Holstein and Rødby in Denmark. A ferry boat goes regularly and takes approx. 45 minutes. From there head towards Copenhagen and finally cross the Öresund Bridge to reach Malmö. From there it is only another 80 minutes to Kristianstad. Total travel time from Hannover or Bremen is approx 6-7 hours (from Hamburg an hour less).

If you have questions how to best get there from your location, get in touch with us. We will be glad to plan your trip together with you.

To get a better geographical feeling, we have built a little Google map with the most important locations of the wedding weekend: Link to map

P.S. If you wonder how to get around on the wedding day: From the church to the lake and further on to Jenny's parents' we will arrange a bus transfer.



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