Pre-Wedding Get Together

Pre-Wedding Get Together

Dear Friends,

We are very happy that you all want to come to our wedding and celebrate our big day together with us. As we know that most of you will arrive in Kristianstad on Friday already, we thought it would be nice to welcome you to Sweden and introduce you to some of the other guests while having a drink together.

Therefore we would like to meet you in the city centre of Kristianstad on the evening of August 13th at 9 p.m.

The place is called Bånken Pub & Restaurang, is very central and in walking distance of your hotels (full address: Östra Storgatan 27, Kristianstad). click here for a map

Don't worry if you arrive later or have different plans. We don't want this to be understood as a "must-attend"-thing. But in case you want to join us for this small get together, please let us quickly know in advance.

We're looking forward to seeing you in Sweden!



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