English version

English version

Dear Friends!

We want to thank you very very much for coming to or wedding. It was a really wonderful and unforgettable day for us and we are very happy, you could spend this marvelous day together with us. Also we want to thank you for all the nice words, presents and flowers, you gave to us!

On following pages you can find pictures and a video of our wedding. Please click on the links below:

1) Here you can find a selection of wedding moments taken by our official wedding photographers

2) These are beautiful photos taken by our friend Hannes

3) This is the wedding video trailer taken and cut by my brother Andi

4) On this site you can find all the beautiful pictures taken by our wedding photographers Green lemon as well as pictures taken by our guests

Please enjoy the photos!
We hope to see you soon!

Cheers and best regards!
Martina and Thomas


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Martina und Thomas